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Get RiverFit!

Memphis has a new and FUN way to get fit!  Check out the Grizzlies RiverFit Fitness Trail at Tom Lee Park.

When was the last time you crossed Monkey Bars?  20 years ago?   Thanks to RiverFit, you can once again enjoy the challenge of crossing monkey bars.  Warning — they are high — your hands will hurt — but you can do it.


My second favorite feature of the RiverFit trail is the Battle Ropes.  You can get an excellent cardio workout in a short amount of time with these guys! Choose the longer rope for a more intense workout.  Try for 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Have fun discovering different ways you can swing the rope.  Don’t be afraid to add some hops or jumps!


Try this workout:

Jog once around the park.
Cross the Monkey Bars 3 times.

Fast walk to the Battle Ropes.
Swing for 20 seconds together. Rest 10 seconds.  x2
Swing for 20 seconds alternating. Rest 10 seconds.  x2
Swing for 20 seconds together with a hop. Rest 10 seconds.  x2

Jog a final lap around the park.

Repeat if you want!

Take a photo and tag #GetRiverFit

Stay tuned for group workouts meeting at the park. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a group class or one-on-one session at RiverFit.