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Goal Setting: Consistency & Fun

Let’s talk about goal setting.

Booooooooooring. LOL

I’ve been sharing a couple tips about setting and achieving goals in a way that makes you happy.

This might be the most important thing about goals.


Someone told me this a loooooooong time ago when I first started into fitness. I was asking how many days I should exercise per week. I thought 3 or 4 sounded reasonable.

My soon to be friend said “well – what does the doctor say? An apple a day – not 7 apples in one day.”


The has always stuck with me because it’s true for so many areas of life.

If you show up every single day and do something, then you’re going to make more progress than if you show up one day as a maniac.

Why? There’s so much mental drama involved with “marathoning” your activities. You have to choose which day to dedicate. You have to block out a lot of time.

If you have just one thing that you’re doing for less than hour a day, then you can commit to making that happen pretty much every single day.

Here’s your action step for today:

Look at your goal and determine ONE THING you can do every day that will work toward your goal.

Then do it. Lol

Example: If you have a goal to lose weight, then moving aka exercise is something you need to do every single day. It doesn’t have to be the same every day – one day could be weight lifting and another yoga – and zero days just laying on the couch.

1 apple a day. Not 7 apples in one day.

One more thing this week about goals –

It’s OKAY to set a goal to have more fun.

If you’re someone who is always working and achieving, then it’s OKAY to set a goal to have more fun.

Set a daily action to have FUN.

“The real key in life is to be able to make yourself feel good when you don’t feel good, or when you don’t even want to feel good.” – Tony Robbins


What ACTION are you taking each day to work toward your goal?


This is Part 3 in a series called Goal Setting. Here’s Part 1 and 2 if you missed it.