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Goal Setting: Shoulds & Actions

Let’s talk about goal setting.

Booooooooooring. LOL

I was all set to talk to you about the word “should,” and then I heard some new information in my audio book this morning. That means you get a 2 for 1 today! Yay!

If you are setting a goal and it sounds anything like “I should totally do this” then it’s probably the wrong goal for you.

If you say the word “should” that indicates that you aren’t really feeling it… or it’s someone else’s goal or it’s just an arbitrary thing that you think you shooooooould do.

That’s never going to be fun or easy to accomplish. You’re probably not going to have fun working on it because it will always feel like a chore.

Pro Tip: Run your goal through the “should” filter. If it fails, then pay attention.

Is should just a word you chose, and I’m being too picky about language? Or Is this goal something you don’t actually really really want?

Find out before you commit to it!

I want to encourage you to make your goals YOURs and not your mom’s or your spouse or your boss’s. YOURS.

When you OWN your goal, you’ll be more creative and persistent in finding ways to reach it.

I’ll say this as many times as needed.

It’s all about action!

Focus on taking the action and not on the goal.  Remember – stop staring at the scale and go take action instead.

Last thing – I just started listening to The 10X Rule.

Consider this – often we set a target and if we aren’t reaching it, we just reduce the target. Instead of increasing our actions, we just minimize what we actually want.

How LAME is that!?

So you need to have a goal that you are pumped up and excited about and then you need to take massive action. More than you think. And then more than that.

Don’t settle for smaller goals because it’s more difficult than you originally thought. Take more action. Try something else. Take more action. Repeat repeat until you arrive.

Got it?

What ACTION will you take toward your goal today?


This is Part 2 in a series called Goal Setting. Here’s Part 1 if you missed it. Check back tomorrow for Part 3!