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Healthy Lunches Midtown

Are you someone who loves to go out to eat for lunch?  I am!

Going out to eat doesn’t have to undermine your healthy eating habits!  You might have to be the “weird one” who’s picking things off your sandwich, but that’s okay!!

I posted my favorite spots Downtown a while back. Here are my top Midtown spots:

The Fresh Market

Sushi with no rice! Typically they have a crab with salmon option and a tuna option. It’s wrapped in rice paper, but doesn’t have allllll the empty rice calories. I actually like it more than regular rolls!

Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza

Pyro’s has great pizza, but if you’re looking for a healthier option you can make a pretty awesome salad!  My favorite thing about Pyro’s is all of the ingredient choices! You can go Mediterranean, Southwest, or Hawaiian style… or whatever you like!


Burgers aren’t bad for you. It’s all the bread and cheese and side of fries that gets you in trouble.  LBOE gives you the option of getting one of their tasty burgers on a salad!  Be careful with the jalapenos. They are HOT!

 What’s your favorite healthy lunch in Midtown?

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