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How to Catch that Negative Voice So You Can Have More Joy

For 2024, I am experimenting with a Mid-Month Check-In that offers some motivation or encouragement or simple games to get yourself into action 🔥
I’m noticing a lot of 🦎lizard brain conversations over here.

Normal, yet annoying {the longer explanation if you aren’t familiar with 🦎LB}

One Example :

I really wanted this Taylor Swift Planner… but it was already mid January when I found out that it existed.

🦎said.. don’t do that.. what a waste, you’re behind already and you don’t even like paper planners!

Okay… the last part is true..

Yet – I got it anyway 🎉

Now I’m having the best time reading the daily lyric and taking a few notes with my multi-colored markers 🎨


I’m going to let it evolve + that’s okay!


This example is so simple + not even about something important, and it’s so easy to let 🦎 win.

We {or is it just me?} let 🦎the mind talk us out of things that spark joy.


Our Joy is always worth Sparking! okay!?


Practice : get in the habit of catching the 🦎 voice + deciding if that’s really what sparks joy. One step at a time. Then, when the important decisions come up, you’ll be ready 🙌


and sorry… the voice doesn’t go away, but I find it gets quieter and I get better I shhhhussshhing it faster 🎉

I’d love it if you share what goals you’re working toward or what you’re excited about doing / being / having over the next couple months. Feel free to include what 🦎 keeps telling you.


If I can connect you to a person or resource that will make your journey more easy + fun, then I’d love to! 💟


I’m working on being more CREATIVE in all areas of life – you can see I’m doing that with reels lately {they all have something in common 😉}


Also, I am recording in my planner ONE thing I did or saw that was CREATIVE each day ☑️


Where focus goes, energy flows ✨

This is part 2 in my 2024 Quick Note series. See the latest edition here.
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