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How to Do the Things You Keep Putting Off

Here’s a game I made up to get me to work on things I keep putting off…


Play ONE song, and do ONE next action


Taylor Swift’s shortest song to date is 2 minutes + 26 seconds – the song was over by the time I got this far in my note because my first drafts all inspired a giant eye-roll 😹

*here’s that song on Spotify “Now That We Don’t Talk

Last year, I completed my goal of sending a pretty + inspiring email each month : peruse them here

For 2024, I thought I’d experiment with a Mid-Month Check In that offers some motivation or encouragement or simple games to get yourself into action 🔥


So here it is — will you try this game?! 🎶


I’d love it if you  share what goals you’re working toward or what you’re excited about doing / being / having over the next couple months.


If I can connect you to a person or resource that will make your journey more easy + fun, then I’d love to! 💟


I’m working on a couple goals right now – one is being more CREATIVE in all areas of life – you can see I’m doing that with reels lately {they all have something in common 😉}

This is part 1 in my 2024 Quick Note series. See the latest edition here.
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