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How to Reach Your Goals

Wanna know the secret to reaching your goals?

I thought I was a pro at it until I realized something that was holding me back.

I was successful in many areas of life and frustrated with others.

The reason why was so obvious to an outside coach. {one of the great reasons to have one or some}

During a conversation at my most recent Tony Robbins event, I realized that I was doing something so simple that was keeping me from reaching some of my goals.

I was being inconsistent in my actions but consistent in my thoughts. 

If you manage it, then you can improve it.

I am super good at making a workout calendar and checking it off each day. I rarely miss a scheduled workout because I have a plan with the exact exercise and time frame. I don’t even have to think about it – it just happens.

Like magic, I stay in shape and within my maintenance range.

Only, it’s not magic – it’s a valuable skill.

If you have a goal in mind, then you NEED a plan to reach it.

It’s exhausting to be thinking about a goal and not reach it.  It’s normal to not meet every goal exactly how you envision it or for it to take longer than you wanted it to.

It’s not normal to just think of a goal and even write it down and expect it to happen.

You’ve got to have a PLAN to reach it or at least start to reach it.

In the past, I had a story about not liking to plan – when my coach pointed this out to me, it became obvious in that moment that this was the weakest link. {goodbye, lol}

On the way home from Vegas, instead of my usually napping, I made a plan for how I’m going to reach a couple goals.

Writing this post is on that plan, and I’m excited to check it off!


What’s a goal that you’re working on right now?  Do you have a plan to achieve it? Send me a note!

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