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How to Start Making a Positive Change

I am experimenting with a Mid-Month Check-In that offers some motivation, encouragement or simple games + tricks to get yourself into action 🔥

Want to improve in some area of your life, but not sure where to start?

Try a Streak!

I have a really impressive meditation streak – 1471 days – that started with a 30 day request from my coach.

Most often, I use 5, 14 or 30 day streaks to test out a new habit or to get myself back on the wagon!

Last week, I completed a 5 day gym streak 🙌 after a 19 day accidental break 😳

Completing a mini-streak, gives you INFORMATION to choose your next step


it gives you CONFIDENCE that you will follow through on doing what you say you’re going to do 🎉

Visual Cues help me stay on track – so I created this cute habit tracker – the jar of stars! 🌟 You can google “printable mood tracker” for lots of ideas


Grab a jar 🌟 with instructions here ⬅️

Remember to keep it simple.

Examples :
Press play on Master Co Meditation.
Go to gym class.
Walk 5,000 steps.
Skip scrolling until after lunch.


You can do it!!

I’d love it if you share what goals you’re working toward or what you’re excited about doing / being / having over the next couple months.

Feel free to include a mini streak that you’re going to accomplish! ☑️

This is part 3 in my 2024 Quick Note series. See the latest edition here.
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