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INSANITY Max30 – My Experience

When I heard ShaunT was developing another INSANITY workout, I was pumped up!  INSANITY was my first love as far as workouts go, so as soon as it went on sale, I ordered it!  The kit (DVDs and meal plan)  came in the mail on a Wednesday, and I started Day 1 that day.

Something happened on that day that happened several times over the next 60 days.  As I tore open the box, I thought, “It’s Wednesday. I can’t start a program on a Wednesday. Hmmm…Is this going to work with my schedule? etc..” Then I stopped and said “OMG Lauren. It’s a 30 minute workout and you’ve already spent 10 just thinking about it. You could be 1/3 finished.”   That internal dialogue went on a few times over the next two months.

Here’s what I liked:

1. The Time – The first INSANITY was 40-60 minutes, so this 30 minute version was great!  Everyone has 30 minutes.  Like I said, you can waste 30 minutes thinking about working out or browsing Facebook or Instagram.  It was really hard to make excuses about finding 30 minutes to workout on 5 days a week.

2. The Moves – In true ShaunT style – it’s bananas. Every workout was intense and included new moves that aren’t in the live class workouts or the first INSANITY. I LOVE that moment when you think “You want me to do what!?”  and then you do it, and it’s not miserable.  I love to push the limits of what I think exercise is and try new things.  Power Jump Dive is my favorite new move!

3. The Challenge – These workouts don’t have breaks.  A few of them have 30 second breaks every 5-10 minutes, but really… no breaks.  Most people have to stop at some point, so when you do, you have “maxed out.”  Instead of a Fit Test workout, you try to beat your max out time on the next workout.  ShaunT encourages you to post a workout selfie with the time you maxed out.  Brilliant Marketing.  #imaxedout

My results after 60 days were not so much physical, but definitely mental. I gained some explosive strength and endurance, but it helped me the most by reminding me how to do something I don’t particularly want to do at the moment. (yes – sometimes I don’t feel like working out!)  It’s good to be in the habit of discipline.

INSANITY Max30 delivered everything I thought it would be. I enjoyed the new challenge and will definitely keep using the workouts in my personal workout time. While the DVDs have a modifier, this workout isn’t for beginners. If you looking to push the limits of your fitness routine, then try INSANITY Max 30. It’s worth every penny.

If you’re ready to get on a plan and get healthy and fit, then I’d love to help. I can help you in person or recommend programs you can do at home. Contact me to get started!

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