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How to Kill Cravings – Crunchies Edition

Trying to stick to your meal plan but reeeeeeeally want to eat all the crunchy things?

I’m with ya! I love chips.

Chips are my fave. Crunchy. Salty. Yum.

If you’re trying to stick to a meal plan to lose weight or if you’re trying to eat healthier, then chips don’t really fit in.

What else could we do to satisfy this craving!?

Carrots are nearly the same as chips.

Did I really just say that?

Think about it. They are crunchy. You can eat several of them in one sitting.

Raw veggies are a great way to get your crunchy food fix.

You can make raw veggies more interesting by adding seasonings like garlic salt or spicy blends. Flavor God is my go to seasoning source. I like the “Spicy Everything” flavor. I haven’t tried the pizza or sweet treats flavors yet.

Pro Tip: Organic carrots taste WAY BETTER than regular carrots.

Meal Prep Hack

If you’re a “finisher” like me, then you enjoy finishing off the bag or container of whatever you’re eating. For me, it’s not about a compulsion to eat, it’s about wanting to empty the bag!

Maybe I’m weird! {yes, I am}

If you’re like me though, here’s a tip.

Portion your raw veggies or crunchy almonds into little baggies or small containers.

It will help you to

  • stay on track with portions
  • feel satisfied that you finished the bag
  • have healthy snacks at your finger tips

You can get small baggies anywhere or these little containers for super cheap at restaurant supply stores. I showed one of mine in the video above.

What’s your go-to healthy crunchy snack?


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