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Make Life Fun

Did you know that it’s up to each of us to make life fun!?

Often we are soooo busy being busy and trying to do all the things that we forget to have FUN.

Lack of fun leaves us exhausted.

Is it just me, or do you want even more fun in your life too?

I’ve talked about fun in a few different ways recently.

Here’s a quick recap :

1. Add fun to your goals!

2. What’s a fun coach?!

3. Refusing to have fun.

4. Fun games on elevators.


Ask Yourself : How can I make this fun?


How can I make this fun?  Take a picture with bears outside a restaurant!  Lol!   I can completely shift my mood by asking a powerful question – and you can too!


Not Fun : someone just messaged me about their poop. Ew.

Fun : Omg how cool is it that their body is changing, and they can SEE that in the form of green poop. Celebrate!


Not Fun : I have 1000 things to do today

Fun : Dance party, then 30 minute blast to see how much I can get done when I’m FOCUSED.


Not Fun : waking up early to go to a meeting.

Fun : getting the meeting attendees to dance as an opener.


Not Fun : my shorts won’t button, omg.

Fun : yay stretchy gym clothes and finding plants to eat today. Plants are pretty.

So there you have it – make things fun.

What I think is fun might be the opposite of what you think is fun and that’s completely okay. Try it though.

Make Life Fun.


Want to chat more about creating fun in your life?  Send me a note!