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Moving to Florida : 3 Month Check In

3 months ago today – I turned in the keys to my apartment I lived in for nearly 11 years and hit the road to sunny Florida! πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ Time is really flying by and while lots of things have changed, lots have stayed the same too.


Changed :

– stopped blow drying my hair {saves so much time}

– stopped monitoring the weather because it’s always shorts weather

– started watching the sunrise nearly every day

– started becoming an aggressive driver {omg the drivers here}

– closed the gap on the long distance relationshipπŸ’–

The Same :
– still doing lots of personal growth work
– still helping people reach their health and fitness goals
– still watching cat videos when I ‘don’t feel like’ doing anything else😹
– still looking for more ways to meet people and have fun
– still wondering when I’m going to ‘figure it out’ {even though I know the answer}
I’m a little surprised at how things are the same – like I didn’t change because I moved – my environment changed which will play a role in changing me. I’m still in awe of the never ending palm trees and the peaceful breeze. 🌟
I’m grateful for this life every single day. πŸ’–

❄️ and for everyone who is freezing, just keep watching my stories. LOL