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Need a Burst of Joy?

Giggle about something!

I bet you have a memory that always makes you giggle! 

If it’s not coming into your brain right now, then allow me to share some kitten giggles with you 😹 Cat Mom life could be seen as “out of hand and ridiculous” or it could be hilarious. We get to choose the meaning – yes, use that in all areas of life 😻

Noticing ‘cat box’ trends

I’m sure all my human and fur parents could understand this…

weird attention to things in “the box” 💩😹

Now and then, I’ve noticed some strange red things.. like cranberries.. so now and then, I’d look around the house for things that color and come up with nothing.

For whatever reason, I decided to scoop it out and show David – this is feeling like WAY too far for my cat mom duties.. but here we are. So we both inspected a couple floofs and blankets but nothing matched the cranberry color… we thought.. should we take “it” to the vet 🤷🏻‍♀️ she seems fine otherwise.

But then I had the idea to check the closet..

her nice, quiet, dark nap spot..

and I found a very very very eaten red cashmere scarf.

RUDE, Kitten!

That was 2 days ago.. moments ago, as if she was encouraging me to tell this story… she took me to the closet.. showed me her bed, and then showed me how she snacks on the scarves.. the OTHER scarves hanging on my cute scarf hanger 😲😭

So I moved them, googled “cats eating clothes” and found out that she might have a behavioral disorder or a nutrient deficiency 🤦🏻‍♀️

or she’s just a cat doing whatever she wants to do 😹

Does she wish I hadn’t stolen her from outside? 🌵

Playing internet trends

I giggled so much making this reel 🐈

LMK if you want to be on my list to spontaneously receive such a joyful thing 😹

New year trend

January in South Florida is about as ‘Spring’ weather as we ever get, so I’ve been in the Spring cleaning vibes.

Would you believe that I found 11 extra pillows in my spare room closet?


I found a bag of bags, about 35 tote bags that I cannot get rid of and 6 pairs of tennis shoes that could be released into the wild for a new life. I got rid of a few broken things and some things that were annoying.

I’m telling you because – it makes me laugh – and to highlight the impact on your ✨ENERGY✨ when you let go of physical stuff. I don’t even see the inside of these closets most days, but I feel lighter having organized and gotten rid of things that don’t spark joy anymore.

Speaking of Energy –

I’ll be celebrating 1,111 days of meditation soon, and I’m going to host a meditation party online. LMK if you want to join! 🤩 {now available on replay}

That was entertaining 😹


This is part of my goal to create one pretty + informative or fun email per month in 2023, so here’s the catalog!