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I Could Never Go Without Pizza & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Okay Yall – people say stuff like this to me ALL THE TIME.

I’ve been chatting with people this week about my online course, and this type of thing has come up a lot.

Pay say “I could neeeeeever go without pizza.” “I could neeeever stop eating bread – pasta – beer.”

WHAT! Really!?

Consider this:

It’s not forever.

One reason people get so defensive about this is they assume it’s forever.

Stop being dramatic! That’s just not true.

It’s not forever! It’s just for a time period while you’re working toward your goals.

Pro Tip: Interrupt your dramatic self and remember that it’s not forever.

You need a bigger reason.

What nutrition or health goal do you want to make progress toward this summer?
If it’s something you actually care about, then you can find a way to stick to any plan for a short period of time.
Your bigger reason could be to feel confident at the pool or on the lake on the 4th of July. It could be to use food as fuel to allow yourself to have more energy.

Knowing your bigger reason, would it be worth skipping pizza for 4 weeks?

Yes. I think so.

Focus on something else.

So often people stare at the thing they are trying to avoid and wonder why they can’t stop thinking about it.

Take action to make it out of sight out of mind. For example:

  • Drive a different route that doesn’t pass the pizza place
  • Don’t go to parties where pizza will be served
  • Create a new meal that you can enjoy

These are easy steps! You can do that!

You can absolutely do ANYTHING for a limited amount of time.


If you are interested in giving up pizza or changing up your nutrition plan so you can feel more confident at your 4th of July party, then apply here.


The time will pass either way – wouldn’t you rather make progress than stay the same?


This is Part 3 in a series called I Could Never…. Here’s Part 1 and 2 if you missed it! Check back for Part 4!