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I Could Never Say I’m Sorry & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Today I’m getting more serious for this last installment of “I Could Never.”

This topic has been on mind because I’ve been reading different books on relationships {all kinds of them} and realizing how vital they are to my life.

My life lately has been about loving yourself and loving others more than you already do.

Questions to Ponder:

  • Why would you want to say “I’m sorry”?
  • Why would you not want to say “I’m sorry”?
  • Do you feel like it’s easy or hard for you to say “I’m sorry”?

Build a Bridge

The point of saying you’re sorry is to build a bridge to mend a damaged relationship. I’m assuming your want to mend the relationship – if not, just stop reading!

Sorry Doesn’t Make You Wrong

First you have to realize that saying you’re sorry doesn’t mean that you’re wrong.

For example, if you might be thinking “I meant what I said. I’m not sorry.”

It’s not about if you meant what you said – it’s about caring that you hurt someone’s feelings – caring that the other person felt a certain way or had a negative reaction.

You’re a human with caring feelings. You can be sorry that you hurt someone.

Pro Tip:  It’s helpful if both parties understand the apology isn’t the time to discuss details of right and wrong.

You Must Be Willing to Go First

Even if you haven’t talked to someone in months because you had a disagreement and stopped talking, you have to be willing to reach out to them and ask to chat.

You cannot control what the other person does – if they reply or take your call – but you can control you.

When we take those steps toward living in a loving space where you’re willing to put yourself out there and say that you’re wanting to build a bridge here, you win.

You’re a winner just for taking that step.

You’ll Become a Better Human

Trust that you are a better, stronger person because you loved openly with your heart instead of closed off or used negative feelings with your ego.

If you’re struggling with this idea, but you really want to mend a relationship then just trust that it’s okay to just love them as another human – say that you’re sorry – and give them that gift.

No one WANTS to hurt people’s feelings, right!?

If so – we’re not friends!

In order to have the BEST relationships, you have to be willing to go first and be nervous and uncertain – it’s okay!

The more you practice showing up in your relationships with love and support and caring and understanding the happier you and your relationships are going to be.

Plus – you get to be become an even better version of yourself!

That’s what life is all about to me.

Become a better person. Love people more. Live a happy life.

This is Part 4 in a series called I Could Never…. Here’s Part 1,  2, and 3 if you missed it!