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Small Steps Matter


It’s easy to make the quick and easy decision when you’re busy or stressed, but is that choice taking  you closer to your goal?

The key to living a healthy lifestyle and achieving your goals is to make small steps in the right direction every day.

Sounds easy – right?

It’s easy to take a 10 minute walk around the block after dinner or take a few minutes to order a healthy lunch instead of skipping lunch. It’s also easy to do the opposite.  It’s easy to say, “this one day won’t matter.”  We all know that one day can turn into 10 or 20.

Today – take a moment to assess your habits.  Make a list of some habits you have that you might want to change.

If you want to get back in the habit of exercising, then decide today that you’ll go for a 10 minute walk.  You might not sweat. You might not think 10 minutes matters.  It does.  Taking a simple action toward the lifestyle you desire will add up over time.  It will start you on the path to get the results you want.

What positive habit do you want to implement in your daily life?

For me, I am reading 10 pages of a nonfiction book every day.  I had this habit in the past, but dropped it as my schedule changed.  It’s time to add it back!

If you need help modifying your habits to create the life you desire, then let me help.  Click here to see the ways I can help you.