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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

My answer to the question “Why can’t I lose weight?” is a generalization that’s designed to make you think.  Could it be something else like a medical condition? yes.

Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

Because you aren’t sticking with it long enough.

It’s normal to get frustrated when something is harder than we want it to be.  We want to make a change, but we don’t really want to pay the price.  When we get over ourselves and decide to pay the price to be healthier or thinner (or whatever), then we finally get there.

Think of it like learning to ride a bike.

You (or most likely your parent) procure a bike, training wheels and a helmet.  You hesitantly try the first time. It’s scary. You think you’re going to fall. But you try.  Every day you try again until riding the bike feels a little more comfortable, you get a little stronger and have a little more balance and confidence.  Then one day you’re taking off the training wheels and moving forward all by yourself.  Next, you fall. You weren’t quite sure how to stop or slow down, and you fall.

And then – that was the last time you ever touched a bike.   The End.

NOOOO.  I bet not.

You tried again.     Why?

Because riding your bike was fun. It gave you freedom to leave the front yard. It gave you something to do with friends.

You didn’t stop after a week of trying to ride your bike.  You kept trying until you figured it out – until you reach the goal.  (Only at that time, you didn’t even know it was a goal. You just wanted to ride the bike.)  Along the way you needed specific tools – physical and mental – to move you forward. You needed someone to teach you and encourage you and you succeeded.

Your weight loss journey is THE SAME.

Gather the tools – experts, workouts, nutrition plans. Execute until you reach the goal.  Yes – I know all the “buts” and I’m still saying this.  When you want it bad enough, you’ll repeat the steps with consistency and YOU WILL ARRIVE at your goal.

2 weeks won’t cut it. You have to be committed for the long haul.

If you’re ready to be consistent and get what you want, then I’d love to help.  Contact me to get started!

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