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Outside Workout – No Equipment Needed

Spring has Sprung the Wintry Season’s Over!!

Aren’t you glad to see the sun!?  Memphis has had an intense winter, and we are so excited to have milder temperatures so we can get outside again.

Spring weather is perfect for exercising outside.  You can soak in some Vitamin D and get a good workout without sweating too much.

If you’re in Memphis, then definitely check out the Riverwalk.  You will find exercise opportunities for all fitness levels. You can walk along the River stopping at RiverFit stations, jog up the Beale Street Landing, or sprint up the bluff.

Take 30 minutes and head outside today and workout!!

  • Warm up – 5 minute fast walk, jog
    • Step Ups – find a step/staircase or bench and “step up” on it and back down per side
    • Push-ups – Regular, or feel elevated on said step/bench
    • Wide/Sumo Squats – press through your heels! add a hop if you want!
    • Plank to Side Plank – pause to balance in each position
    • Bicycle Crunches – pedal fast!
  • Cool down – 3 minute stretch it out

Beginners – 30 seconds per exercise with 30-60 seconds rest between.
Advanced – 20 each, 60 second rest at the end.
Repeat exercises for 25 minutes.

Not sure how to do these moves? I can teach you.  Email me to chat about coaching options.

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