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How to Eat Healthy Without Cooking

People often ask me what type of meals I make and what health recipes I can pass along.

It may come as a surprise that I don’t cook much at all!  I’ve figured out how to achieve my goals without spending hours preparing meals.  Sometimes I’m able to skip grocery shopping for a couple weeks too!

Here’s a typical day for me:

Breakfast: Shakeology – delivered to my door. Mixes with water.  On occasion, I might have a hard boiled egg and a piece of fruit.
(tip: spend 20 minutes boiling 6+ eggs for the week)

Snack: Peanut butter and an apple, almonds, eggs – pick one –
(tip: check the ingredients on the pb! don’t buy the kind with added sugar or molasses)

Lunch: Chicken breast with a bagged salad – Sweet Kale is my new favorite bagged salad.
(tip: cook several frozen chicken breasts in the crock-pot and add it to meals all week)

Snack: Almonds, protein bars, more chicken – pick one –
(tip: make sure your protein bar isn’t equivalent to a Snickers bar – read here)

Dinner: Chicken and veggies, salad, maybe a cookie
(tip: buy frozen veggies – you can microwave them on demand or thaw them overnight)

There you have it!  It’s not complicated or time consuming. If I have my shake, chicken and veggies on hand, then I can eat for days.

What tips do you have for saving time?

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