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How to Choose a Protein Bar

Have you ever walked down this aisle and felt overwhelmed?

You’re not alone!  How are there so many options? Which one will bring you closer to your goals?

Here are 3 tips for choosing the right protein bar:

Step 1: Check the label.

Don’t assume because it’s on this aisle that it’s a nutritious snack.  If you’re trying to lose weight, then you must be diligent about checking the label for the grams of carbs versus grams of protein. All of these bars contain carbs, so you’ll be looking for one with more protein than carbs. Some of these “healthy snacks” are no better than candy bars. Yikes!  They may be organic or have all natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they will help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Step 2: Try a few.

Not all protein bar taste good.  Some of them are downright gross.  Once you’ve checked the label, choose a few brands and flavors and see what you like. Usually bars cost between $1 and $2 each.

Everyone has a favorite – my favorite is Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe and Chewy Chocolate Chip. They also have a strawberry and blueberry option that are similar to the Special K bars you might be familiar with. Pure Protein bars almost always have the right ratio of carbs to protein.

Recently I tried the Kroger brand Protein Bar in the same flavors and they were NOT GOOD. Gladly hand over 30 cents more and get the Pure Protein brand.

Step 3: Don’t get addicted.

It’s easy to start relying on protein bars as a replacement lunch or an afternoon snack… and then a late night snack.  While protein bars can help you achieve your weight loss goal, they are still highly processed and less ideal than eating actual real food that grew from the ground.  Don’t eat more than 1 per day.

Do you have a favorite bar?  If so, go check the label and make sure it’s not a candy bar disguised as a nutritious bar.

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