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How to Eat More Plants

If you ask me how to improve your diet, I’m going to say:

Eat Food that Grew from the Ground

To me, this is an easy way to think about food.  If it grew from the ground, on a farm, outside in the elements, then EAT more of it.  If it “grew” in a factory and has 35 ingredients (most of which you cannot pronounce), then don’t eat it!   Simple, right?

How to eat more plants: 

  1. Identify plants that you already like to eat. 
  2. Shop at the Farmer’s Market.  (They almost exclusively sell plants)
  3. Talk to a farmer and try something new.

Identify plants that you already like to eat.

I bought all these plants at Easy Way for $21. I’m going to make salads and eat some as snacks during the work day. I tend to buy what appeals to me and figure out my meals later.

Shop at the Farmer’s Market.

My local Farmer’s Market is back in business! I love to see what’s available because I know it’s freshly picked from a local farm.  Unless you have your own garden, the freshest plants you can buy will be at your local farmer’s market.   I purchased Swiss chard and kale because they were pretty.  What a girly rationalization!  I know dark leafy greens are very nutritious – add pretty – and I’m in!

Talk to a farmer and try something new.

The last few weeks, I’ve noticed new vendors selling microgreens.  One farmer generously allowed me to try several different greens.  I bought Sorrel which has a lemon flavor and Sunflower microgreens.  I’ll use the Sorrel on salads and probably eat the Sunflowers as a snack. They are crunchy and taste similar to sunflower seeds.  I was excited to find something new and nutritious at the market.

How will you add more plants to your diet?

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