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How to Make Salad Less Boring

One thing my clients say all the time is “I’m so tired of salads.”  A lot of us, myself included, get tired of eating the same things every day.  We find something that works and then go with it until we hate it.

How can you spice up your salads?

  • Change the toppings – if you always use cucumber and tomatoes, then try strawberries and pecans
  • Change the “lettuce” – if you always buy kale salad (per my suggestion), then swap it for the mixed spring greens
  • Change the dressing – now beeee careful with dressings!!  you can experiment with different flavors of vinegars or oils, or even use salsas (tomato or corn/bean)

Sometimes we can’t think outside of our own food box, so ask a friend, or copy ideas from restaurant menus.  Keep a list of options on your refrigerator for emergencies.

Just remember to eat the easy way, so you can get healthy, feel great, and reach your goals.


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