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Pushing Limits: Spartan Training

For the last month, Spartan Training has been all the rage in my workout friend group.  We signed up for a race in October so now we must train!!

Most people were shocked when I signed up.  I love sitting outside, but I’m really not “outdoorsy”. I don’t like MUD or being dirty. But somehow I signed up for a Spartan Race.

Here’s a recap of the training we’ve been doing. It’s a lot different from my normal workouts, but it’s cool to push outside of the norm and try new things.   We’ve had fun comparing sore muscles and bruises the next morning.

Shopping for supplies (we made spears!!)

Carrying heavy buckets (later learned that shoulder carry is not allowed)

Climbing tall walls (so scary at first)

Gripping and pulling heavy things (pulling my body weight…ouch)

To do well at a Spartan Race you have to have more than good physical conditioning. You need a specific skill set too.  If you’re thinking — “there’s no way I could ever do that (but I want to)” then contact me. I’d love to help you get started where you ARE now and help you build a foundation that will allow you to take on any crazy obstacle race that you want!  I’m not talking about Spartan training YET… I’m talking about meeting you where you are and helping you work toward your goal.


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