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What I Ate Wednesday #2 {Eating on My Birthday}

It’s time for What I Ate Wednesday! This week, I’m featuring what I ate on my birthday. Let it be known that I ate more desserts than I normally eat, but that’s okay on your birthday!

Here’s what I ate on my birthday:

Breakfast: Protein Pancake & Thin Mint Smoothie

Single serving protein pancakes are so yummy! I’ve been making them when I’m extra hungry in the morning and have an extra 15 minutes to cook. Here’s the recipe I use. I’ve only tried it with strawberries, but blueberries would be amazing.  I was extra hungry this morning, so I opted for another dense smoothie.

Morning Snack: Almonds

I eat raw almonds almost every morning. No picture… ate them too fast!

Lunch: Cactus Veggie Burrito, Tortilla Chips, Unsweet Tea

My co-workers took me to Frieda’s for lunch.  Every time I go there, I feel like I’m back in Mexico.  The atmosphere and food are both very nice.  I was feeling adventurous one day and chose the cactus burrito. Cactus is pretty good!  The tomatillo sauce is amazing too!  I opted out of rice and beans and asked for a salad. Did you know you can do that? Just ask!  For the record, I scooped off the sour cream. I’ve never liked sour cream!

Afternoon: Cookies, Cupcakes, Water

Can I get a birthday pass? I think so!  Who would pass up a free girl scout cookie? (I wasn’t impressed, btw)


Dinner: Veggie Pizza, Fruits and Veggies, Shopping

For my birthday evening, I went to a demonstration at Whole Foods. We got to sample delicious fruits and veggies and learn how to slice and prepare them.

Here’s a tip:  EAT MORE COLOR! Your plate should look like a rainbow.

After the demonstration, I bought “weird” foods that you can only find at Whole Foods (at least in Memphis anyway). Be on the look out for a post about nutritional yeast cheese dip!

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Leave a comment and tell me your birthday food traditions!

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