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What I Ate Wednesday #3 {Eating after a Grocery Trip}

It’s Wednesday again! That was quick!  Sunday afternoon I went grocery shopping to get a few staples to add to the food I already have at home.  I’m determined to eat some of the food in my freezer and cabinets instead of buying all new stuff each week.  My list included lettuce for salads, a few veggies, and fruits for my daily snacks. My bill was only $21!

Here’s what I ate after my trip to the grocery store:

Breakfast: The Usual Shakeology

My “usual” is one scoop of chocolate Shakeology, 6-8 ice cubes, and 3-4 slices of frozen banana.

Morning Snack: Carrots and  Raw Trail Mix

I buy whole carrots and slice them myself.  Slicing takes only a couple minutes and the flavor is SO MUCH better.  Have you taste tested baby carrots versus whole carrots?  There is a difference!

Lunch: Crazy Noodle Soup

Almost every time I buy groceries, someone asks me to go out to eat.  This time, it was my mom inviting me to The Crazy Noodle, so I couldn’t resist.  We shared a semi-fried veggie cake “thing” and I had the seafood noodle soup.

Afternoon: Golden Delicious Apple and Water

Umm.. I ate it too fast! Whoops!   I like to have fruit in the afternoon because it satisfies my afternoon sweet tooth.

Dinner: Veggie Cornbread Pizza, Side Salad, Roasted Sweet Potato

Veggie Cornbread Pizza is from my new cookbook Cookin’ Crunk by a local writer.  Her book is completely vegan, but my pizza was not.  I used an egg instead of buying an egg replacer just for this recipe.  It was still tasty!  Since I was cooking, I roasted a few sweet potatoes to eat throughout the week.  I’m all about marathon cooking one night a week!


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Do you eat at home after you grocery shop?

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