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What I Ate Wednesday #16 {Salads}

It’s my 16th week for What I Ate Wednesday!  I’m seeing that I repeat the same meals A LOT, so today I will show you all the salads I’ve eaten in the last week.

Salads have become my go-to lunch as well as my snacks since I stared the Asylum meal plan two weeks ago. Oddly, I’ve noticed that I crave a giant bowl of leafy greens with logical or random toppings.

If you’re trying to eat healthier, add greens (preferably dark greens) to whatever you’re eating.  Soon you will crave it too!

Here’s what I ate:

Salads with Chicken or Fish:

Salads with Non-Meat Protein and Veggies:

Salads with No Greens:

Salads well… Bowls that once contained Salad:


Can a salad be a salad without leafy greens?

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