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What I Ate Wednesday #37 {New Lunch}

Good news! I’ve found a new favorite lunch!  It’s slightly less healthy than the beautiful salads I enjoyed all summer; however, it’s mostly “clean” and it’s warm and tasty.  Chicken Quesadillas and Veggies!   My relatively new obsession with Mexican food is getting a little out of control.

Here’s what I ate {for lunch a lot this week}:


1. Everything is in the freezer, so nothing goes bad before you have time to eat it!  I prefer the raw chicken breasts and cook them in bulk once a week.  In a pinch, I will heat a precooked chicken breasts that are identical to Subway’s chicken breasts.
2. One day I had a BBQ chicken quesadilla – just add BBQ sauce.  Another day, I added banana peppers.
3. When you’re out of shredded cheese, blue cheese will work!  It was a completely different taste, but I liked it.

If you have the luxury of eating lunch at home, you can make this meal in about 10 minutes.

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What’s your favorite type of quesadilla?