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What I Ate Wednesday #38 {Downtown Dining}

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  Next week’s post will definitely be a recap of what I ate for Thanksgiving.  This week, I’ll share what I’ve been eating around Downtown Memphis.

Here’s what I ate {downtown}:


1. CRANBERRIES are in season!  I couldn’t resist buying a bag at the grocery store. So far, I’ve eaten them plain and in my protein pancakes.  Tonight, I’m going to add them to some Brussels sprouts.

2. I had a lovely salad at Tamp and Tap. It’s an odd mix of quinoa with raisins, greens, and chicken. Very tasty! I’ll definitely go back.

3. At Bangkok Alley I had the Cashew Chicken, sub shrimp for chicken, spicy level 8. See that pepper??  It was very good and warm on a chilly day.  I skipped the rice except for about two bites.


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Do you like cranberries?