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What I Ate Wednesday #40 {Quesadillas}

So yesterday, I was out and about and craving Mexican food. I thought about going to Taco Bell… thought about what I’d order… thought… “I can make that at home.”  So I did…

Here’s what I ate {homemade quesadilla}:


1. The shrimp quesadilla pictured has nothing to with Taco Bell, but it helps illustrate my point that making your own version at home is much healthier and pretty easy to do.  You can almost see the oil/butter sizzling on the left picture.

2. My homemade quesadilla cooked quickly because I already prepped the chicken breast and fajita veggies on Sunday night.  Add a tortilla and a little cheese and you’re in business!

3. On the side, I had a few chips and store bought guacamole (also better homemade).


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What’s your favorite Mexican dish?