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Work Life Balance – Your Body

Do you ever wonder if you’re taking enough time off work or getting the right work life balance?

I’ve been questioning that for myself lately, so I polled my Facebook family.

Taking a Poll:
Do you REALLY take days off work? Like no email. No projects. Legit OFF work.

Most people commented “Nope!” A few said sometimes or always on specific days.

After thinking about it, I have decided to work toward taking a least one full day off in order to find out if it has an impact on my peace of mind or my body.


Consider what happens to your body when you are not in balance.

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker

You could feel tired all the time because you’re not getting consistent sleep or because you’re not fueling your body with the right foods.

Hold Up: Let’s take the judgement and right and wrong OUT of this conversation. Everything I’m saying depends on YOU and YOUR preferences and needs. I’m not suggesting you fit into some “normal” box of sleeping and eating.

I’m saying you could FACT FIND and research yourself and your habits to find out what’s best for you.

Keep a journal for a week and track:

  • Hours of Sleep
  • How you FEEL in the morning
  • How you FEEL in the afternoon
  • Your Food consumption

Then you’ll have some concrete evidence to help you see where you can make improvements.  You’ll be empowered to create habits that will lead you to getting the BEST part of you to show up each day.

When you’re well rested and well fueled, you can show up to your work as a super productive and creative YOU. I call it ENERGY!


We all want more energy, right!?


If you’d like to chat more about finding work life balance or tracking your habits, then schedule a free chat with me. I’d love to hear your story!


This is Part 2 in a series called Work Life Balance.  Here’s Part 1!