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What I Ate Wednesday #14 {Broccoli Greens}

I’m so impressed with myself!  I ate at home for the entire day, AND I ate some fresh and unusual foods.

Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: Two Eggs, Strawberries, Kiwi, Shakeology

Breakfast was unusual today! I had a couple eggs that were expiring, so I had them for breakfast.  It was a nice change; however, I still had a shake a little later.  After almost 2 years, my day isn’t quite right if I don’t start it with a shake.  I sliced the strawberries and kiwi the night before. Note to self: sliced kiwi doesn’t keep very well.  Take the extra time to slice it right before you eat it.

Morning Snack: Almonds, Cucumber, Water

Raw almonds are my go-to snack. Recently, I bought a bag for my desk and a bag for my home. It’s working well. I’m able to eat a serving size without pre-portioning them.  I like cucumbers because I can eat a whole container of slices for about 16 calories and feel full for a little while.  It’s hard to tell, but my water bottle is 33 ounces. I’m drinking two a day – one before lunch no matter what!

Lunch: Red and Green Salad, Nutty Protein Bar

Without planning it, I compiled a red and green salad for lunch.  The Spring greens and micro-mustard greens were from the Farmer’s Market.  Then, I added tomatoes, cucumber, and pumpkin seeds to complete the red and green delicious lunch.

Also, I had a bite of protein bar that I made using this recipe.  Mine didn’t stick together well, but the flavor is awesome.

Afternoon: Protein Bar

Generally, I stay away from office snacks, but today I was out of my snacks so I chose the best of the evils.  I was impressed with this protein barbecause it wasn’t “that bad”.

When looking for protein bars, check the grams of protein versus the grams of carbs.

You want MORE protein than carbs.  At least this one is close to equal. Usually these bars are 1g protein 20g carbs.  While you’re looking at the label, look at the ingredients.  The fewer the better!

Dinner: Black Bean Burger Broccoli Green Wrap, Salad

Please tell me if this blows your mind.

I’ve been wanting to make green wraps for a LONG time, but I’ve been scared.  This week, I bought an entire broccoli plant from the Farmer’s Market – giant leaves, stalk, broccoli flowers –  It was cool!  I had to buy it.  The leaves looked perfect for making these wraps.

I cooked my black bean burger patty from the freezer and made the wrap! It was delicious!  Note – these patties aren’t as firm as other recipes I’ve tried.

Finally, I made a salad with the rest of the food in my fridge. My body actually enjoys not eating bread; however, it takes a lot more food to keep me full.

Good thing I like to eat.


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