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What I Ate Wednesday #25 {Prep Night}


Happy Wednesday!  Here’s what I ate last Sunday. I had a big breakfast before a big workout. Then, enjoyed a medium sized lunch and snacked on my prep food for dinner.

Here’s what I ate {on prep night}:


1. I’m getting really good at making protein pancakes.  The right amount of baking powder is KEY. Too much and it’s metallic tasting, too little and you get a flat pancake.
2. I’m eating cheese again. We can argue if that’s a good thing or not, but it’s interesting that it doesn’t negatively effect me anymore. Do you go through food phases?
3. I heart prep night. I feel so accomplished when I see 10-20 containers of food just waiting for me for the rest of the week.


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Do you have a food prep night in your routine?